Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis for Irrigation 16,000 GPD - Saudi Arabia

Product Description

Application: Irrigation Water

This is model SW-16K-1480 from our SWI Series.

  • Chlorination Stage
  • Coagulant Stage
  • Multi-Media Filtration
  • Dechlorination Stage
  • Antiscalant Injection
  • Reverse Osmosis System
  • 16,000 GPD Produced
  • Seawater Feed Of Up To 30,000 PPM


Water Challenges: In hot climate countries such as Saudi Arabia where the availability of freshwater is very minimal, the ocean is depended on to acquire water supplies. Seawater is used for many applications in Saudi Arabia, including irrigation, and required desalination in order to remove unwanted contaminants such as salts. Salt concentration in seawater is extremely high and must undergo seawater reverse osmosis before being applied to irrigation systems or else the presence of salt will greatly diminish the system’s performance. As a result, plants will begin to fail to grow and food supplies will be reduced, which requires food to be imported from other countries to feed the population.



Applied Solution: This seawater water treatment system is headed for the country of Saudi Arabia. Included is a Chlorination step, a Coagulant step, Multi Media Filtration to reduce turbidity particulates, followed by Dechlorination, Antiscalant Injection and then the Reverse Osmosis (RO) System. This SW-16K-1480 system was selected from the SWI Series which is designed to produce 16,000 GPD from seawater feed of up to 40,000 PPM TDS.



Pure Aqua, Inc. seawater reverse osmosis plants are designed to run under high or low TDS conditions. The built-in (VFD) Variable Frequency Drive can be adjusted to increase or lower the operation pressure according to feed water TDS and temperature. The VFD feature coupled with the Energy Recovery turbine system greatly improves the system efficiency and lowers electrical consumption. In today’s high energy cost globe, these are important features to have in any seawater reverse osmosis SWRO plant. To minimize antiscalant consumption dosing PA0100, the Pure Aqua SWRO plant utilizes low recovery ratio design. This simplifies the chemical storage logistics and reduces the cost of chemicals. This design also utilized low flux rate design (GFD) to ensure long membrane productivity life.




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    Engineers at Pure Aqua are knowledgeable

    Posted by Mark K. on Mar 13th 2019

    Engineers at Pure Aqua are knowledgeable and their SWRO quality is unbeatable.

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