Skid Mounted RO System 9,000 GPD - South America

Product Description

This project included the production of a 9,000 GPD Skid Mounted RO System that was sent to South America. The feed water source is well water and the application is drinking water.


- Feed & Backwash Pump

- Automatic Multimedia Filter w/ Chlorine Dosing

- Automatic Greensand Filter for Iron Reduction

- Automatic Carbon Filter for Chlorine & Organic Removal

- Antiscalant Injection

- Utilizing Dupont Filmtec LCLE Membranes

- PA Instruments, Pressure Gauges, Valves, Flowmeters

- Microprocessor Control Panel


Water Challenges: Many developing countries, such as those in South America, face the problem of inadequate infrastructure for providing fresh, clean, and safe drinking water to their populations. One of the many reasons why reverse osmosis specialists recommend RO systems as the most efficient approach for ensuring clean drinking water is because of this happening.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua makes brackish reverse osmosis systems that filter water from salty or mineral-rich sources. High-pressure pumps push brackish water through semi-permeable membranes with small holes in these RO systems. These pores allow the feedwater to pass through, but they prevent all pollutants from passing through with the water.



Production of unmatched quality fresh, clean water that is consumable for the population.


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  • 5
    RO system

    Posted by Henrique W. on Dec 21st 2021

    i love this skid mounted unit

  • 5
    RO system

    Posted by Henrique W. on Dec 21st 2021

    i love this skid mounted unit

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