Solar Powered Brackish RO System for Well Water Filtration 12000 GPD - Hawaii, USA

Product Description

Application: Drinking water

This is model BW-12K-840 from our RO-200 Series.
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Grundfos High Pressure Pump
  • Advanced Microprocessor
  • RO System Timer
  • Voltage Monitor
  • PA 0100 Antiscalant
  • Dow Filmtec Membranes LCLE-4040


Water Challenges: Well water with high TDS levels, system to be controlled with solar power. As part of our project’s initiative in Hawaii, delivering clean water through the utilization solar power controlled water treatment systems in order to treat well water. Polluted water from wells were drawn into our solar powered systems, requiring treatment of the contaminated water source prior to discharge on-site. Pure Aqua’s solar powered water treatment systems are manufactured to supply industrial sites with as much water purification and reverse osmosis systems for well water purification, whilst preserving sodium chloride less than 100 ppm.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures top-rated solar powered water treatment and purification systems worldwide. A Solar Powered Brackish RO System completed production in order to go to Hawaii, USA for the application of well water filtration. The system was designed to produce 12,000 gallons of water per day. Top-rated feed water pretreatment (multi-media filtration) that reduces suspended solids, turbidity, iron and manganese prior to being purified with reverse osmosis systems for clean, safe drinking water.


Reverse omsosis operating costs is reduced by half.


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    They exceeded our expectation

    Posted by Freddy L. on Jan 22nd 2020

    We have specified Solar Powered Brackish RO System. They were able to meet our expectations

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