Toray TMG20D-440 Membrane

Product Description

Following 4”, 8” and 16” membranes can be used in multiple membrane systems to treat municipal industrial or process water as well as commercial application using the 4” membrane types. 

1. Membrane Type   Cross Linked Fully Aromatic Polyamide Composite
2. Test Conditions Feed Water Pressure Feed
Water Temperature Feed
Water Concentration
Recovery Rate
Feed Water pH
150 psi(1.03MPa)
77°F (25°C)
2000 mg/l Nacl
3. Minimum Salt Rejection   99.0%
4. Minimum Product Flow Rate   2,400gpd (9.1m³/d) (TMG10D)
10,300gpd (39.0m³/d) (TMG20D-400)
11,200gpd (42.4m³/d) (TMG20D-440)
Type DiameterInch Membrane Area ft² (m²) Salt Rejection% Product Flow Rate gpd(m³/d) Feed Spacer Thickness mil
TMG20D-440 8” 440(41) 99.7 13,300(50.3) 28


Operating Limits
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 365psi (2.5 MPa)
  • Maximum Feed Water Temperature: 113°F (45°C)
  • Maximum Feed Water SDI15: 5
  • Feed Water Chlorine Concentration: <0.1ppm
  • Feed Water pH Range, Continuous Operation: 2-11
  • Feed Water pH Range, Chemical Cleaning: 1-12
  • Maximum Pressure Drop per Element: 20psi (0.14 MPa)
  • Maximum Pressure Drop per Vessel: 60psi (0.4 MPa)



  • Municipal industrial
  • Process water
  • Commercial applications


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    Posted by Miguel M. on May 13th 2019

    These guys are awesome...they helped us to get a replacement for a discontinued products.

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