Twin Alternating Softener - Nicaragua

Product Description

Application: Nursing Homes

This is model WSF30-420-2-T from our SF-110 Series.

  • Twin Alternating Softener
  • 30" FRP tanks
  • 30 " Brine tanks
  • Aquamatic valves


Water Challenges: Hard water is formed when there is a high concentration of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water. While not considered a health hazard, hard water is extremely detrimental to equipment and systems used in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, or residential facilities, such as nursing homes. To avoid negative outcomes such as clogged pipes, damaged boilers, and heat exchangers, it is highly recommended to utilize a water softener to soften water and to demolish lime scale deposits. Lime scale build-up clogs up pipes and reduces the efficiency of hot boilers, tanks, and laundry machines. To accomplish this task, water softeners take advantage of resin for assistance. Resin is insoluble, made of small beads, and produced from an organic polymer substrate. The highly porous structure includes negatively charged “exchange sites” that carry sodium ions. When water flows through the softener, positively charged ions like calcium, magnesium, and iron will be glued to the exchange sites on the bead. Resin is widely used in processes such as separation, purification, and decontamination widely utilize resin.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua designed and manufactured a commercial twin alternating water softener with 30” FRP tanks, 30” brine tank and Aquamatic valves to nursing homes in Nicaragua. A commercial twin alternating water softener is designed to alternately eliminate minerals that cause hardness in water. This will help improve the performance of the equipment and systems used in various industries, while simultaneously reducing operating costs due to less maintenance and replacements required.



  • Exchange Capacity: 440,000 Grains
  • Digital Stager



Twin Alternating Softener - Nicaragua - Case Study [/custom-documents]

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    High quality!

    Posted by Brianna F. on May 17th 2019

    Very neat design and comes with all the components I need for a smooth operation.

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