Twin Alternating Water Softener 140,000 GPD - Guam

Product Description

Application: Laundry Application-Hardness Reduction

This is model #WS36-600-2-T from our SF-100 Series


Water Challenges: Challenges in the laundering business is usually associated with insufficient quality of water along with poor laundry techniques. Improved solutions for any type of laundry, regardless of size, is better quality water that is free of unwanted chemicals such as manganese, iron, hardness and turbidity. Soft water ensures that there will be no changes in color within your clothes and will also allow soaps and detergents to effectively clean to the fullest. Good quality water is hard to attain in the laundry industry, so for that reason we have supplied top-notch water softener systems that work in reducing the hardness using resin. The resin replaces the hardness in the water with sodium which is regenerated periodically. Softeners can be used in a variety of services including: industrial, municipal, and institutional applications.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures water softener systems that reduce water hardness more effectively than any other treatment process and solves the scaling problem, along with eliminating energy waste issues within laundry. Other added benefits a laundry business is given when utilizing our water softeners are:

  • NSF Interior Coating
  • PVC Schedule 80 PVC Face Piping
  • High Exchange capacity Resin
  • Aquamatic Diaphragm Valves
  • Non Metallic Internal Distributors
  • Unistrut Channel Support
  • Non Interrupted Operation
  • Epoxy Coated Steel Tanks
  • High Rejection Membranes
  • Advanced Stager Controller


  • Less water usage needed
  • Cleaner washing
  • Lower linen replacement costs
  • Supply costs can be reduced by more than 50%
  • Fewer equipment damaged which leads to a reduction in maintenance & repair costs
  • Better quality fabrics
  • No changes in colors within your clothes, sheets, etc.



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    We are very satisfied

    Posted by Norman E. on Jul 8th 2018

    This guys are making and selling great quality sea water water softener system.

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