Twin Water Softener Systems for Pretreatment 2 x 185 GPM - Saudi Arabia

Product Description

Application: RO Pretreatment

This is model 39F36600T from our SF-200F Series.

  • Flow Rate Of 185 GPM
  • Alternating Water Softener
  • 36 Inch Diameter Tanks
  • Exchange Capacity of 600,000 Grains per each Tank


Water Challenges: Reverse osmosis membranes are very delicate layers that require safety from outside sources. Water hardness in particular, leads to detrimental effects to the RO membranes through scaling around its surface, which reduces its efficiency to filter contaminants. For this reason, reverse osmosis is not recommended as other water treatment systems in removing minerals such as magnesium, and calcium from the feed water. 



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua designs and manufactures water treatment systems for treatment such hardness reduction needs, worldwide. A recent application saw two of our advanced identical twin alternating water softeners being completed and shipped to a major company in Saudi Arabia. They are each designed to treat municipal tap water at a rate of one hundred eighty-five gallons per minute. An alternating water softener, like this model, can switch automatically to a standby tank of resin to continually provide softened water while the first tank recharges.



Due to this occurrence, water softeners are the preferred choice of lowering water hardness, and shielding the RO system from foulants, which ultimately extends the lifespan of the membranes.



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    Great system

    Posted by Kyle. A. on Oct 6th 2019

    We used this system as an Twin Water Softener Systems in Saudi Arabia. This is a great system when it comes to the filter operating to its full capacity.

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