Water Filter Media 50,000 GPD - Oman

Product Description

Application: Greywater Treatment

  • Chlorination injection
  • Multi-Media Filtration
  • Activated Carbon Filtration


Water Challenges: Greywater is synonymous with untreated wastewater, which has yet to come in contact with contaminated sources such as kitchen sink water, dishwater, toilet water, etc. Greywater can also comprises of wastewater from the laundry, bathroom, washers, and showers. Industrial and commercial applications utilize the reuse of greywater which is captured from wastewater sources and treated. The most common application that greywater is reused for is in the irrigation industry, with many world-class golf courses utilizing this water in ponds and grow grass.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua designs and manufactures tailor-made water purification solutions to meet any water challenges in the greywater treatment industry. A recent project was completed for a major company in Oman that required a water filtration system. The system is capable of producing fifty thousand gallons per day of clean, high quality water. It includes a chlorine injection system, a multimedia filtration system, and a stainless steel cartridge filter.



  • pH Adjustment
  • Filter Housing
  • Cartridges Under 1 Micron




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