Brackish Reverse Osmosis Systems for Food Processing 2 X 410,000 GPD - Egypt

Product Description

Overview: Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied two industrial brackish water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) systems to a major food company in Egypt.

Industry: Food Processing

The two RO systems model #TW-410K-9680 were supplied from our RO-500 Series. The Multi-Media (model #MLF84-A), Activated Carbon (model #ACF84), and Birm filter (model #BRF84-A) were also supplied from our MF-1000 Series.

  • (9) FRP pressure vessels Codeline rated at 450 PSI
  • (54) 8" TFC spiral wound membranes Filmtec model LE-400
  • Low- & high-pressure switches
  • (2) Flow meters for reject and product line
  • High pressure pump Grundfos CRN90
  • 5-micron pre-filter with SS housing (SSC-88-316)
  • PLC control panel (Siemens S7-1200).
  • High pressure piping in SS 316 and low-pressure piping in SCH 80 PVC


Water Concern: Brackish water is typically ground freshwater with elevated salinity levels. However, this elevated level of salinity is not generally acceptable for human consumption. Therefore, for industries like food and beverage, it is pertinent to invest in a water purification system for the water supply and adhere to the regulatory protocol for water quality. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) along with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulate standards for sanitation and food safety relevant to this industry. This particular customer was interested in reducing the TDS of their well water to from 400 PPM TDS to less than 20 PPM TDS.



Applied Solution: Brackish water reverse osmosis is the ideal system to purify water from a well, lake, or river. The complete system includes pre-treatment consisting of multiple units along with features like an advanced PLC and a color touch panel screen. The pre-treatment begins a pre-chlorination system to oxidize the iron & manganese from the well. Then, the water is fed into a multimedia filter to remove turbidity and reduce suspended solids. Next, an activated carbon filter reduces the chlorine levels prior to contact with the RO membranes. Fourthly, a birm filter follows to further reduce the iron and manganese accounts left over. The water then proceeds to be fed into the RO systems and is injected with antiscalant on the way to prevent scaling and fouling from occurring on the RO membranes. These systems were skid mounted for flexible mobility. 



These brackish reverse osmosis systems were built to treat well water for a food processing plant in Egypt.


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    Ease of installation

    Posted by Pillaz M. on May 3rd 2019

    Small footprint design is great and ease of installation made us run the system immediately on same day of delivery. Thumbs-up.

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