Codeline 40E Membrane Housings

Product Description

The 40E RO/UF Pressure Vessel is designed for continuous, long-term use as a housing for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration elements in typical commercial water treatment systems. The 40E Series vessels are designed to accommodate any make of 4-inch nominal diameter spiral-wound element with a 3/4” diameter male product water tube. The fiberglass shell can be damaged by rigid clamping, impact, scratches or abrasion.

Model Drawing # # of Elements * Operating Pressure Max. Operating Temperature Qualification Pressure
40E30N 518016 1-3 300 psi / 20 bar 120°F / 49°C 1800 psi / 124 bar
40E60 518017 1-6 600 psi / 41 bar 120°F / 49°C 3600 psi / 248 bar
40E100 518015 1-6 1000 psi / 68 bar 120°F / 49°C 6000 psi / 413 bar

* Standard elements: 40" long

  • Mirror finish I.D for easy & quick loading & unloading of membranes.
  • Quick lock head retention system for quick access to membranes.
  • Exteriors coated with high gloss polyurethane paint for UV resistance.
  • Compact design for use in compact & low energy desalinators.
  • All components of the shell & head are constructed from materials that are FDA / NSF listed.
  • CE marking comes as a standard feature.
  • Reverse Osmosis and Ultra-Filtration applications in typical industrial and commercial water treatment systems
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