Commercial Reverse Osmosis Machine for Car Wash (Calcium/Magnesium Reduction) - 3,000 GPD - USA

Product Description

This commercial reverse osmosis machine was built for a Car Wash Company to remove calcium and magnesium from municipal water.

Industry:Car Wash Company

  • Corrosion resistant high-pressure pump
  • 220V/1Ph/60Hz power supply
  • 4" TFC spiral wound membranes
  • Heavy-duty high-pressure tubing
  • Low pressure switch
  • Product and reject flow meters
  • Electric inlet solenoid valve
  • Corrosion resistant high-pressure throttling valve
  • Pretreatment lockout
  • Factory tested
  • Powder coated carbon steel frame
  • Pre/post-treatment and pump pressure gauges
  • Recycle valve
  • FRP pressure vessel
  • Tagging and identification of instrumentation
  • Heavy duty 5-micron cartridge pre-filter


Water Concern: If the water is not purified, once the it evaporates from the washing cycle calcium and magnesium are left behind in the form of residue or visibly as spots. This can cause the surface to still seem dusty or dirty. Therefore, purifying water from elements like magnesium and calcium is crucial to leaving the surface completely spotless. Deposits of magnesium and calcium are often prevalent in city water and can cause other major issues for multiple industries.


Applied Solution: A commercial RO machine was recommended as the best solution for this application due to its ability to completely purify these major contaminants. Designed to withstand the capacity to produce 3,000 GPD, this commercial RO machine has the strength to purify 500 PPM TDS down to less than 100 PPM TDS.


Low operating cost, compact size, reduced footprint, and high quality production of freshwater.


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    This system is a workhorse.

    Posted by Jeff S. on Apr 11th 2018

    This system is a workhorse. Its been producing fresh water and provides safe a great tasting drinking water here in our community.

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