Commercial Seawater Reverse Osmosis System 1,000 GPD | Mexico

Product Description
This project included the fabrication of a commercial-sized skid-mount seawater reverse osmosis system with a capacity of 1,000 GPD. This system was sent to Mexico for small resort applications.
Custom-Made Features:
- Feed and Backwash Pump
- Multimedia Filter
- Pre & Dechlorination & Antiscalant Dosing Systems
- 5 and 25 Micron Filters
- Advanced Microprocessor Control Panel
- Pressure Gauges w/ Diaphragm Seal
- Fully Skid Mounted System, Plug & Play Solution

Water Challenges: This project's purpose was to provide Mexico with safe drinking water. With significant amounts of salt and minerals, as well as the possibility of bacteria and other pollutants, making seawater safe for human consumption is a difficult task. This was made possible for our client thanks to our custom-designed industrial watermaker systems.


Applied Solution: These systems included pre/post-treatment to guarantee the membranes' lifespan, culminating in the RO system's long-term sustainability. They were designed to resist and eliminate the complicated variables found in saltwater. A high-pressure pump pumps seawater through semi-permeable membranes that prevent salts and other organic elements from flowing through.


  • Low operating cost, compact size, reduced footprint, and high quality production of freshwater.


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