Commercial Seawater RO Machine 4700 GPD - Singapore

Product Description

Application: Cargo Ship

This is model SW-4.7K-504 from our SWC Series.

  • Seawater Reverse Osmosis System 
  • Media Filtration
  • Chemical Dosing
  • Energy recovery on 64K GPD and larger
  • Low & high pressure switches
  • Permeate TDS monitor
  • Stainless steel high pressure piping
  • Stainless steel throttling valve for reject stream
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Heavy duty 5 micron cartridge prefilter
  • Sea water resistant SS pump
  • Microprocessor/PLC based control panel & VFD
  • Glycerin-filled 316 SS prefilter pressure gauges
  • Product & reject flow meters
  • TFC spiral wound membranes
  • FRP membrane housings
  • 460V/3Ph/60Hz power supply
  • Automatic feed shut off valve

Osmosis naturally moves salt through a semipermeable membrane from an area with low saline concentration to an area with high saline concentration. Its purpose is to achieve an equal amount of saline concentration on both sides. This is when reverse osmosis comes in to reverse this process. The process begins by passing seawater through several pre-filters to eliminate particles and solids from the water. From there the water continues on into a water softener tank which takes out the hardness so the membranes within the system won’t be subject to any damage. It then goes through the actual machine where it passes through semi-permeable membranes. At this stage, the membranes take out the particles that the pre-filters bypassed. The membranes only allow water to flow through while blocking salts, minerals, and other impurities from carrying on. This results in the emergence of purified, potable water on the permeate side while Salt, minerals, and other impurities are flushed down the drain from the concentrate side.


Water Challenges: Cargo ship crew members face the issue of being deprived of sufficient freshwater supplies since the vast majority of their work is done offshore in sea. At this location there is no hope to receive enough clean water from packaging before setting sail, so there has to be ready-made systems that can produce freshwater while out on sea. Since the availability of ocean water is near limitless, the only remaining necessity is a water treatment system that will reduce the extremely high concentration of salt from the seawater. Seawater reverse osmosis systems are designed to provide advanced purification, which will eliminate unwanted impurities from the feed water and produce fresh, clean and consumable drinking water.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied a commercial seawater RO machine to a major tanker company in Singapore. The commercial seawater RO machine includes an advanced microprocessor control panel, multimedia filter, and an antiscalant dosing system. It was designed to produce 4,700 GPD at a seawater feed up to 40,000 PPM TDS. The SW-4.7K-504 commercial seawater RO Machine was selected from our SWC Series.



  • We have drinking water which is available
  • We help in the conservation of habitats
  • We have water for the agricultural sector
  • Helps preserve current freshwater supplies
  • Positive environmental effects
  • Proven and effective methods


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    Great selection

    Posted by Pacífico P. on Dec 4th 2016

    I have been dealing with Pure Aqua for over 10 years and they have proved to be very reliable with excellent products that always helped us in our projects. Thank you Pure Aqua and all the best.

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