Commercial Water Maker Machine 3800 GPD - Singapore

Product Description

Application: Cargo Ship

This is model SW-3.8K-404 from our SWC Series.

  • RO system [SWC series: SW-3.8K-404]
  • Multimedia filter
  • Antiscalant dosing system
  • Produce 3,800 GPD
  • 40,000 PPM TDS


Water Challenges: Cargo ship workers are routinely in the middle of the ocean while occupying their jobs, and like any other workers require drinking water throughout the day. Cargo ships are generally offshore and have no real cost-effective means to a large supply of freshwater other than the ocean. For this reason, these workers depend on water makers to purify the seawater from its elevated levels of saline and contaminants in order to become drinking water.



Applied Solution: This commercial water maker machine was for a major company in Singapore. The commercial water maker machine came complete with a multimedia filter and an antiscalant dosing system. It was designed to produce 3,800 GPD at a seawater feed up to 40,000 PPM TDS. The SW-3.8K-404 machine was selected from our SWC Series.



From its initial start-up, it has been operating accordingly with minimal trouble-shooting. As a result, the company has had a reliable and steady supply of fresh, purified water at a cost far less than shipping water to the site. Commercial water maker machines are manufactured to massively eliminate large quantities of salt, minerals, and other contaminants from sea water. A high pressure pump is utilized to combat the osmotic pressure of a natural process called "Osmosis". Osmosis naturally moves salt through a semipermeable membrane from an area with low saline concentration to an area with high saline concentration. Its purpose is to achieve an equal amount of saline concentration on both sides. This is when reverse osmosis comes in to reverse this process.


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  • 5
    High work rate

    Posted by Sklilvys F. on Feb 14th 2020

    the water quality has greatly improved

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