DOW FILMTEC BW30-2540 Membrane

Product Description

DOW FILMTEC Fiberglassed Elements for Light Industrial Systems.

Important Information

Proper start-up of reverse osmosis water treatment systems is essential to prepare the membranes for operating service and to prevent membrane damage due to overfeeding or hydraulic shock. Following the proper start-up sequence also helps ensure that system operating parameters conform to design specifications so that system water quality and productivity goals can be achieved.

Before initiating system start-up procedures, membrane pretreatment, loading of the membrane elements, instrument calibration and other system checks should be completed.

Please refer to the application information literature entitled “Start-Up Sequence” (Form No. 609-02077) for more information.

Operation Guidelines

Avoid any abrupt pressure or cross-flow variations on the spiral elements during start-up, shutdown, cleaning or other sequences to prevent possible membrane damage. During start-up, a gradual change from a standstill to operating state is recommended as follows:

  • Feed pressure should be increased gradually over a 30-60 second time frame.
  • Cross-flow velocity at set operating point should be achieved gradually over 15-20 seconds.
  • Permeate obtained from first hour of operation should be discarded.

General Information

  • Keep elements moist at all times after initial wetting.
  • If operating limits and guidelines given in this bulletin are not strictly followed, the limited warranty will be null and void.
  • To prevent biological growth during prolonged system shutdowns, it is recommended that membrane elements be immersed in a preservative solution.
  • The customer is fully responsible for the effects of incompatible chemicals and lubricants on elements.
  • Maximum pressure drop across an entire pressure vessel (housing) is 50 psi (3.4 bar).
  • Avoid static permeate-side backpressure at all times.
Product Part Number Feed Spacer Thickness (mil) Permeate Flow Rate gpd (m3/d) Stabilized Salt Rejection (%)
BW30-2540 80766 28 850 (3.2) 99.5



DOW FILMTEC™ brackish water reverse osmosis membrane elements provide consistent, outstanding system performance in light industrial applications.

  • DOW FILMTEC LE-4040 delivers highest performance at lowest pressure resulting in less energy usage and lower costs.
  • DOW FILMTEC BW30-4040 is the industry standard for reliable operation and production of the highest quality water.
  • DOW FILMTEC BW30-2540 elements are designed for systems smaller than 1 gpm (0.2 m3/h) offering a hard shell exterior for extra strength.

Elements with a hard shell exterior are recommended for systems with multiple-element housings containing three or more membranes, as they are designed to withstand higher pressure drops.

Operating Limits
  • Membrane Type Polyamide Thin-Film Composite
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 113°F (45°C)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 600 psi (41 bar)
  • Maximum Feed Flow Rate - 4040 elements 16 gpm (3.6 m3/h)
  • Maximum Feed Flow Rate - 2540 elements 6 gpm (1.4 m3/h)
  • Maximum Pressure Drop 15 psig (1.0 bar)
  • pH Range, Continuous Operation 2 - 11
  • pH Range, Short-Term Cleaning 1 - 13
  • Maximum Feed Silt Density Index SDI 5
  • Free Chlorine Tolerance <0.1 ppm
  • Industrial water demineralization
  • Production of municipal drinking water
  • Water reuse
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