DOW FILMTEC SW30ULE-400i Membrane

Product Description

DOW FILMTEC SW30ULE-400i offers a good combination of productivity and rejection resulting in a low energy seawater element for low operating cost. It is ideal for two-pass seawater designs and high TDS brackish water applications. DOW FILMTEC SW30ULE-400i comes with iLEC™ Interlocking Endcaps that reduce system operating costs and reduce the risk of o-ring leaks that cause poor water quality.

Dow Water Solutions offers various premium seawater Reverse Osmosis (RO) elements which combine premium membrane performance with automated precision fabrication and maximize system output to unprecendented performance. FILMTEC™ SW30ULE-400i is an element with one of the highest flow rates in the industry, and high rejection of NaCl and boron. This performance can lead to significant capital and operation cost savings, especially when this element is mixed with other element types in the same pressure vessel, using the “internally staged design” approach.


  • High flux reduces energy use or pressure required
  • Good rejection results in good quality wate
  • High boron rejection
  • Filmtec performance and quality
Product Part Number Active Area Maximum Operating Pressure Permeate Flow Rate Stabilized Boron Rejection % Minimum Salt
Rejection %
Stabilized Salt
Rejection %
ft2 (m2) psig (bar) GPD (m3/d)
SW30ULE-400i 259124 400 (37) 1,200 (83) 1,000 (41.6) 89 99.60 99.70
The benefits of the FILMTEC SW30ULE-400i elements include:
  • One of the highest seawater element flow rate in the industry. This may lead to lower capital and operation cost in a seawater system.
  • High NaCl and Boron rejection to help meet World Health Organization (WHO) and other drinking water standards.
  • Effective use in permeate staged seawater desalination systems without impairing the performance of the downstream stage.
  • High performance over the operating lifetime without the use of oxidative post-treatments.
  • Automated, precision fabrication with a greater number of shorter membrane leaves reduces the effect of overall fouling and maximizes element efficiency.
  • Seawater desalination
  • Municipal drinking water
  • Industrial desalination
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  • 5
    shipped same delivery, thanks

    Posted by Ivandro V. on Feb 19th 2020

    After months of using these membrane, I can say they are cutting-edge products!

  • 5

    Posted by Lotfi R. on Mar 4th 2019

    Will buy these membranes again!

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