DOW FILMTEC SW30ULE-440i Membrane

Product Description

DOW FILMTEC SW30ULE-440i offers medium salinity and medium temperature feed waters an advanced combination of high productivity and high rejection through extra-low energy consumption and single-pass design. It is also an ideal choice for two-pass seawater designs or high salinity brackish water applications. The combination of high active area and thick feed spacer of the DOW FILMTEC membranes results in higher productivity and lower cleaning frequency which enable sustainable lower lifecycle cost.


  • High flux reduces energy use or pressure required
  • Good rejection results in good quality water
  • High boron rejection
  • Filmtec performance and quality


Product Active Area Maximum Operating Pressure Permeate Flow Rate Stabilized Boron Rejection % Minimum Salt Rejection % Stabilized Salt Rejection %
ft2 (m2) psig (bar) GPD (m3/d)
SW30ULE-440i 440 (37) 1,200 (83) 12,000 (45) 89 99.60 99.70
  • The above benchmark values are based on the following test conditions: 32,000 ppm NaCl, 800 psi (5.5 MPa), 77°F (25°C), pH 8 and 8% recovery.
  • Permeate flows for individual elements may vary +/-15%.
  • Product specifications may vary slightly as improvements are implemented.

Dow Water & Process Solutions offers various premium seawater reverse osmosis (RO) elements designed to reduce capital and operation cost of desalination systems. DOW™ FILMTEC™ products combine premium membrane quality with automated precision fabrication which take system erformance to unprecedented levels.
DOW™ FILMTEC™ SW30ULE-440i is an element of choice for low to medium salinity and temperature waters, for permeate staged systems for stringent water quality targets, and for high feed salinity brackish water applications. It has the highest sustainable flow rate available in the industry, coupled with high rejection of NaCl and boron. This performance can lead to significant capital and operation cost savings, especially when this element is mixed with other element types in the same pressure vessel, using the “internally staged design” approach. . In addition, the combination of highest active area and thickest feed spacer of the Dow FILMTEC membranes results in higher productivity and lower cleaning frequency enabling sustainable lower lifecycle cost. Benefits of the DOW FILMTEC SW30ULE-440i element include:

  • The highest seawater element flow rate in the industry, coupled with high rejection, allowing ultra-low energy consumptions. This enables lowest capital and operation cost in a seawater system.
  • The highest guaranteed active area of 440 ft2 (41 m2) permits lowest system cost by maximizing productivity and enables accurate and predictable system design and operating flux.
  • The combination of highest active area with wide feed spacer (28 mil) allows low cleaning frequency and high cleaning efficiency.
  • Utilization of the distinct iLEC™ interlocking endcaps that help reduce system operating costs and reduce the risk of o-ring leaks that cause poor water quality (See Form No. 609-00446 for information on cost-saving benefits)
  • Sustainable high performance over the operating lifetime, because oxidative treatments are not used in membrane production. This is one reason DOW FILMTEC elements are more durable and may be cleaned more effectively over a wider pH range (1-13) than most other RO elements, which use oxidative treatments.
  • Can effectively be used in permeate staged seawater desalination systems without impairing the performance of the downstream stage.
  • Automated, precision fabrication with a greater number of shorter membrane leaves reduces the effect of overall fouling and maximizes element efficiency, lowering cost of operation.
  • Seawater desalination
  • Municipal drinking water
  • industrial desalination

Important Information

Proper start-up of reverse osmosis water treatment systems is essential to prepare the membranes for operating service and to prevent membrane damage due to overfeeding or hydraulic shock. Following the proper start-up sequence also helps ensure that system operating parameters conform to design specifications so that system water quality and productivity goals can be achieved.

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