Duplex Carbon Steel Media Filter 35 GPM - Kuwait

Product Description

Application: Boiler Feedwater - Reduce Sediments and Particles

This is model #MLF20-A-D from our MF-1000 Series.

The result is a highly efficient filtering since removal takes place throughout the entire bed. Multi-Media depth filters typically remove particles 15-20 microns in size or larger. All media included in our filters are carefully selected according to particle size, so the media retains its stratification during backwash and rinse. Automatic backwashing system removes the trapped contaminants within the filter bed and washes them down the drain.


Water Challenges: Sediments and particles usually make their way into boilers when the feedwater used in the application contains these unwanted impurities. The negative effects of these substances in your boiler feedwater depends on the overall amount, with an accumulation of sediments and particles being capable of causing overheating issues within the boiler unit. Additionally, there can be damages within many of your equipment such as pumps, pipes, and impediment of zone valves. The degree of these damages also relies on how far the sediments make it through the boiler, specifically in the cold-water lines.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures media filters which are specifically tailored to meet any water challenges within boiler feed water. A duplex carbon steel media filter was designed for this exact application and was delivered successfully. It was made to filter municipal tap water for a major company in Kuwait. This system has a flow rate of thirty-five GPM. Duplex systems have two filtering tanks operating simultaneously. When the backwash is initiated, one filter will be running while the one in backwash cycle.



  • Eliminate Sediments and Particles from Water Lines
  • Pretreatment to Reverse Osmosis
  • Flow Rate of 35 GPM
  • Removal of Particles 15-20 Microns in Size
  • Automatic Backwashing System



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    Great selection

    Posted by Nick P. on Apr 19th 2020

    I have been dealing with Pure Aqua for over 10 years and they have proved to be very reliable with excellent products that always helped us in our projects. Thank you Pure Aqua and all the best.

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