Duplex Stainless Steel Media Filter for Potable Water 98 GPM - Kuwait

Product Description

Application: Potable (drinking) Water

This is model MLF30-A-SS-D from our MF-450 Series.

  • Two Tanks Design
  • Backwash Independently
  • Stainless Steel Media Tanks
  • Digital Stager
  • Diaphragm Control Valves
  • Air Vent Valves
  • Flow Rate of 98 GPM


Water Challenges: The challenges of providing drinking water from originally untreated water depends mainly on the total dissolved solids (TDS) that are present in the water. The higher concentration of TDS in the feed water affects the drinking water quality by increasing human health risks when ingested. This problem occurs due to the minerals and salts which alter the water colors, taste, and odor, and even heightens the chances of developing certain diseases.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua is a worldwide manufacturer of water treatment systems that work to produce potable drinking water. Recently our team had constructed a duplex stainless steel media filter that was specifically designed for a major company in Kuwait with the goal of removing harmful impurities from water supplies. This duplex system filters well water at a rate of ninety-eight gallons per minute.


This system is filled with sand, anthracite, and gravel, to effectively target and eliminate contaminants in water.



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    High quality!

    Posted by Mike H. on Sep 23rd 2019

    Very neat design and comes with all the components I need for a smooth operation.

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