Duplex Multi Layer Filtration System 200 GPM - Mexico

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Application: Potable & General Use

This is model MLF60-A-D from our MF-1000 Series.

Since its startup, the filtration system has been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting. For satisfactory results, the system utilized the following grades of media: Anthracite, Silica Sand, and Gravel.

Anthracite is a quickly evaporating coal that contains a larger amount of fixed carbon than any other type of coal. It is recommended as a filter medium to remove lighter weight turbidity and the extra silica found in water. Also it allows for extreme savings on backwash water due to its low bulk density.

Silica Sand is one of the most well-known types of sand found on our planet today. It takes its name from silicon dioxide (SiO2). Silica is used as a filtration bed for many particulates. It is free from lime and is chemically inert. Silica comes graded in various ranges and is used as a filtration medium or under-bedding depending on practical size and application.

Gravel has a highly spherical shape that promotes good flow and even distribution in support beds. Gravel is low in soluble impurities and it will maintain the quality of the treated water, especially in softeners. Three layers are recommended in graded support beds. Multi-Layer Filters are commonly used to reduce or remove turbidity and suspended solids from well water, surface water, or seawater, and also could be used for some applications of wastewater. To remove turbidity and suspended solids to a smaller than 30 microns, this requires filters with either two or three layers of filtration media. These are referred to as dual-media filters or multi-media filters or multi layers filters. When designed and sized properly, these filters can remove turbidity and suspended solids as small as 10 micron.

Multi-Layer Filters are typically used for: Drinking water Irrigation water Storm water Surface water RO pre-treatment. Ion exchange pre-treatment Cooling water Swimming pool water Water in fountains and other water features.


Water Challenges: Hardness creating substances in water are harmful to effective water treatment systems that are used to produce high quality water from an untreated water source. Water that contains high concentrations of suspended solids, sediments, and particles compromise such purification processes as reverse osmosis, disinfection, and coagulation. This brings in the requirement of pre-treatment done by media filtration that work to remove these solid particles from the feed water before sending it to the next stages in the overall purification process.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua successfully supplied a major water treatment company in Mexico with a duplex multi-layer filtration system to reduce suspended solids and turbidity in water. The duplex multi-layer filtration system is composed of epoxy coated steel tanks designed with an advanced PLC control panel, butterfly actuated valves, PVC sch 80 face piping, high quality multi-media, differential pressure switch & gauge, in/out pressure gauges, and drain line flow controls (DLFC). The system was selected from our MF-1000 Series. MLF-60A uses a 60” diameter tank to handle a flow rate of 200 GPM.



  • Duplex Multi-Layer Filtration System
  • PLC Controlled
  • Automatic Backwas


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    Great Industrial Water Media Filter. First-rate!

    Posted by Elmer C. on Feb 2nd 2017

    For my NSF certification this product has been doing good. No rejection for water quality.

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