E-Coli Removal from Water

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What is an E-Coli?

E-Coli is a general kind of bacteria that resides in the intestines of humans and animals. There are several strains of E-Coli, some of which are harmless and others that are dangerous. These kinds produce a highly potent toxin that can cause serious sickness if ingested in water or food.

Do Water Filters Remove E-Coli From Drinking Water

Bacteria such as E-Coli is capable of being purified through the usage of advanced water treatment filters that do not require chemicals or power in many cases. One approach to treating E-Coli is with the addition of chlorine. Chemical dosing pumps are often used to inject chlorine into drinking water sources, which then acts as a disinfectant that kills the bacteria. While chlorine is considered an effective treatment for E-Coli, there are two standard water filters used to handle this issue. The first type are reverse osmosis systems which are highly efficient in removing E-Coli from drinking water. These RO systems utilize filtration membranes that force water through the membrane, while not allowing pollutants such as E-Coli to pass through.

UV systems are usually needed as a second source of filtration due to reverse osmosis systems being unable to effectively remove all E-Coli from drinking water. UV systems have attained their reputation as the most effective and affordable water treatment solution in eradicating bacteria through high intensity radiation. As water passes through the UV system it is hit with ultraviolet rays which kills all existing bacteria in the water.

How Does E-Coli Get Into Water?

E-Coli is a harmful bacteria that can dangerously affect the well-being of human beings who are exposed to it. E-Coli is comprised within a larger set of bacteria called coliform bacteria. Coliform bacteria exist in the intestines of the most widespread animals in the world such as cows, cattle and sheep. The bacteria acts as a significant factor in the nutrition of these animals and is found in much higher concentrations within their waste. However, the waste and bacteria is ultimately broken down during the natural decomposition processes.

The existence of E-Coli in water is a result of animal waste entering water channels such as rivers, lakes, and groundwater before having a chance to decompose, resulting in drinking water that contains toxic levels of E-Coli bacteria. Once this occurs, the only solution left to undo its devastating effects is to use water treatment methods we will discuss below.

Recommended Systems For Removing E-Coli Would Be Our:

While reverse osmosis systems have worked in the removal of E-Coli, UV water treatment systems are now more widely used due to their not requiring chemicals to handle or add to the water. UV systems are very durable and simple to maintain for any user who needs water purification solutions for E-Coli and other viruses or waterborne contaminants.
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