Green Sand Media Filters for Iron & Manganese Reduction 4 x 20 GPM - Chile

Product Description

Application: Iron & Manganese Reduction

This is model 28F2175GS from our MF-400 Series.

  • 21 Inch Diameters
  • Flow Rate of 20 GPM
  • Media Filtration


Water Challenges: Iron and manganese are common foulants in industrial process water and are known to cause unwanted changes in color, taste and odor. These negative features can stain equipment and are unable to be removed with basic cleaning properties such as soap and detergent. Deposits from manganese and iron are prone to scaling in tanks, pipes, water softeners & heaters equipment, which reduces the flow of water and pressure. This occurrence results in greater water costs, including energy expenses, since more power is needed to pump water through clogged pipes and water heating that are congested with mineral deposits.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua specializes in the designing of tailor-made water treatment solutions to meet any water filtration needs. In a recent project, four advanced media filters were manufactured for a major company in Chile. These identical systems each have a flow rate of twenty gallons per minute.


The media filters are filled with green sand, a material that excels at filtering manganese and iron specifically.


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    The filters are designed very well.

    Posted by Frank A. on Jan 22nd 2020

    These Green Sand Media Filters is of great quality.

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