Industrial BWRO Apparatus 80 GPM - USA

Product Description

Feed water to the apparatus is processed water with raw water TDS of about 4,610 PPM. The system design was based on high rejection TFC spiral wound membranes. The Brackish Reverse Osmosis Apparatus was selected from our RO-400 Series, model number BW-130K-3680-5. It produces 80gpm of drinking water with TDS less than 100 mg/L. 

From a feed TDS of about 4,610 mg/L at temperature range of 15°C to 35°C, the brackish reverse osmosis apparatus produces 80gpm of drinking water with TDS less than 100mg/L. Since the time of its start-up in October 2006, the plant has been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting.

Date: October 2006

Country: United States

System/Product: Industrial Brackish Reverse Osmosis Apparatus

Flow Rate: 80 GPM

Components & Brands:
- RO system
- Twin media filters (MF-1000 series: MLF-48A-F)
- Twin activated carbon filters (MF-1000 series: ACF-48A-F)
- Antiscalant chemical dosing system
- Dechlorination dosing system


Estuaries and river openings are places where brackish water can be found. This type of water lies in between fresh water and seawater. It’s not as clean as fresh water, yet not so highly concentrated in salt as seawater. Even if it has a mild salt concentration, it is still not encouraged for consumption.



Successfully supplied to a major heavy machine company, was a water treatment package consisting of an industrial reverse osmosis apparatus for brackish water treatment to produce 80gpm of product from 113gpm feed, twin MLF-48A-F multimedia filters, twin ACF-48A-F activated carbon filters, antiscalant chemical dosing, and dechloronation dosing system.



  • Minimal civil work and construction
  • Small footprint
  • Plug and play installation
  • High-quality components (Grundfos pumps, DOW Filmtec membranes, Codeline vessels, Pure Aqua microprocessor control panel)
  • High recovery design
  • High rejection membranes
  • Low energy and chemical consumption



Industrial BWRO Apparatus 80 GPM - USA - Case Study


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  • 5
    Easy to use and good quality

    Posted by Ismael L. on Jan 19th 2019

    Easy to use and good quality of filtered water from the brackish water

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