Industrial Desalination Plant w/ Ion Exchange 132,000 GPD - Oman

Product Description

Application: Drinking Water for a Labor Camp

An Industrial Desalination Plant followed by an Ion Exchange system was designed for Boron removal for a military base at the Oman Ministry of Defense. The Industrial Desalination Plant was selected from our SWI Series, while the ion exchange unit was selected from our standard 2 columns DI systems.

  • Ion Exchange
  • Boron Removal
  • SWI Series
  • 45,000 PPM Feed Water
  • Produce 132,000 GPD
Water Challenges: Seawater reverse osmosis systems are built for highly inconsumable water sources like the sea, removing enormous amounts of salt and other contaminants from them. These systems are important in delivering greater quantities of freshwater to labor camps that are woefully undersupplied clean water. Reverse osmosis works by denying salts, particulates, and other contaminants from carrying on, water molecules are only permitted through the tiny pores of the membrane. Fresh, purified water emerges on the permeate side and is ready to be collected while salt, particulates, and other contaminants are discharged into a drain from the concentrate side. This process is efficient in producing fresh and potable water to all members within labor camps with high quality drinking water.
Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied two industrial Seawater Systems RO in Oman followed by Ion exchange unit for Boron removal to the Omani Ministry of defense, complete with pre and post treatment equipment using advanced PLC, and cleaning/flushing system.

These systems came complete with an advanced PLC, cleaning and flushing systems, coagulant, pre & post de-chlorination, and antiscalant dosing systems. Feed water to the system is well seawater. The system design was based on high rejection TFC Spiral wound low fouling membranes. The Desalination Plant produced 132,000 GPD at a maximum 45,000 PPM feed water TDS while the Ion exchange System produced 132,000 GPD with less than 200 ppm feed water TDS. From its initial start-up in June 2010, the systems have been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting. As a result, the military base has a reliable and steady supply of drinkable water at a cost far less than shipping water to the site.

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    We are glad we chose Pure Aqua

    Posted by Pernia R. on Jun 13th 2018

    We'll recommend them to anybody who needs RO desalination system.

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