Industrial Reverse Osmosis System for Irrigation Use 100,000 GPD | CA, USA

Product Description

Application: Irrigation

This reverse osmosis system is model #BW-9.0K-640 from our RO-200 Series.

  • Grundfos SS316 High Pressure Pump
  • Hydranautics ESPA2-LD-4040 Membranes
  • FRP Pressure Vessels
  • Pre-Filter Housing with 5 Micron Cartridges
  • Reject and Product Flow Meters
  • Pre and Post Pressure Gauges
  • Low Pressure Switch
  • Inlet SS 316 Solenoid Valve
  • Factory Tested for Reliability and Designed to Work Seamlessly
  • Replacement Parts and Expert Advisors are always Close at Hand
  • Compact Design & Energy Efficiency
  • Long Service Intervals and Easy Maintenance
  • Longer Membrane Life


Water Challenges: Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied a brackish water RO system for an irrigation application in El Salvador. The feed TDS was about 2,000 PPM and permeate flow is 6,000 GPD.

The issue of cost arose during this project’s goal of alleviating the issue of elevated TDS levels for the purposes of preventing scaling from occurring in the irrigation systems. We found that seawater reverse osmosis systems were too expensive for this specific application and we designed a high brackish water RO system to meet the requirements while remaining economical.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua offers high brackish RO to reduce the TDS to acceptable limit with less value than using seawater system. Economical and efficient, commercial brackish water reverse osmosis machines acquire the latest in RO technology to remove dissolved salts, particles, organics, minerals, solids and other impurities throughout water from harming your irrigation system. Reverse Osmosis uses RO membranes as its core separation technology to block these impurities. Pure Aqua utilizes the most reputable membranes from manufacturers such as Dow Filmtec and Hydranautics.



Low operating cost, compact size, reduced footprint, and high quality production of freshwater.


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    Posted by Javier Bana on Dec 21st 2021

    used this for my irrigation application

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