Industrial RO System for Public Facility 57,000 GPD - Curacao

Product Description

Overview: This industrial RO system was manufactured to reduce TDS in well water for a Shopping Center in Curacao.

Industry: Public Facility

This industrial RO system is model #BW-57K-2480 from our RO-400 Series.  

  • (2) FRP pressure vessels codeline rated at 300 PSI, 1:1 array
  • (8) 8" TFC spiral wound membranes Hydranautics ESPA2-MAX
  • Pressure gauges as needed, (1) conductivity meter on product line and with Hanna ORP on feed line
  • Low- & high-pressure switches
  • (2) Rota meters for reject and product line
  • High pressure pump CRN15-12
  • 5-micron pre-filter with SS housing SSC-16-316
  • Microprocessor control panel
  • All pre and post treatment installed on one skid, pre-piped and wired. Turnkey solution.


Water Concern: Public facilities like shopping centers have a great responsibility of providing safe water for human use. Shopping centers in particular are rapidly becoming a place of convening and entertainment; requiring a more holistic experience. More often than not, this would at least include safe drinking water for the visitors of the facility. With the regulated requirements for drinking water, a water purification system is necessary to remove contaminants present in groundwater. This shopping center is supplied by a well with a total dissolved solid (TDS) of 4,000 PPM. While the maximum TDS allowed in drinking water is 500 PPM TDS, this well water must be effectively treated to reduce the overall TDS level. Investing in a purification will simultaneously reduce the TDS level and provide overall better-quality water.



Applied Solution: This industrial RO system was recommended to reduce the TDS level from well water for a shopping center in Curacao. This particular system is comprised of a five-step pre-treatment process prior to the RO filtration. The process begins with pre-chlorinating the feed water to minimize the potential of bio-fouling. Then, a feed pump pressurizes the water into a Multi-Media filter to reduce the suspended solids along with the turbidity of the water. Next, the water is dechlorinated to protect the membranes from exposure to chlorine. Prior to the RO membranes, the water is injected with antiscalant chemicals to prevent scaling from occurring on the membranes. Lastly, the water is pressurized through the RO membranes to produce two streams; a permeate and reject stream. The RO system has the capacity to remove 99% of TDS evident through the permeate stream and found in the reject stream.



This industrial RO system was designed to treat well water and reduce the TDS for a Shopping Center in Curacao. 



Industrial RO System for Public Facility (TDS Reduction) 57,000 GPD - Curacao - Data Sheet[/custom-documents]

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  • 5
    Simple to operate

    Posted by Robert F. on Apr 20th 2020

    Simple to operate, doesn't need much of maintenance aside from membrane cleaning every 6-months. Thumbs-up!

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