KL Low pH (LPH)

Product Description

KL™ LpH is a well-made and ruggedly designed low pH powder cleaner that rapidly and efficiently combines with water to produce a solution that is capable of being effortlessly removed and eliminates various types of scale deposits such as inorganic substances, carbonates, metals, and phosphates from ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis membrane elements. The KL™ LpH is utilized for an all-embracing cleaning and is ensured to improve the quality of your water supply.


  • KL Low pH (LPH)


  • Eliminates scale causing hard minerals
  • Heavy duty action comprehensive cleaning
  • Optimally used for eradicating unwanted acid-soluble scale such as calcium carbonate, iron and metals
  • Easy to clean power cleaner
  • Fast shipping and packaged for user-friendly handling
  • Compatable with UF, NF, and RO systems
  • NSF Certified

The KL™ LpH is applied on the membranes within the reverse osmosis system (or another), specifically when the normal filtration productivity rate has reduced by 15%. The soak and distribution periods will diversify depending on the membranes conditions, while observing the pH during cleaning and noting the results for each measure will improve the effectiveness of the overall procedure.  

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  • 5
    High quality product

    Posted by Omar K. on Jun 3rd 2018

    Got the job done as was promised!

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