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Multimedia filters are designed and manufactured to rid water of suspended particles as well as remove unwanted taste, smells, or coloring. They are made up of different layers of sand and particles with the intention of grasping the smaller particles imbedded within the water. In multimedia filters materials that are light and course are usually on the top of the filter bed while particles that are heavier and finer are at the bottom. This is a great system when it comes to the filter operating to its full capacity. Because of the way the particles are placed in the filter, the entire filter is being used in the purification of the water.

Date:March 2013

Country: United States

System/Product: Multi Media and Activated Carbon Filtration

Flow Rate: 31 GPM

Component & Brands:
- SS Tanks
- Top mounted valves
- Media Filter (MF-450 series: 31F2070MM, 20" diameter)
- Activated carbon (MF-450 series: 31F24100AC, 24" diameter)


Water Challenges: Well water is one of several water sources that is treated for use in various industrial and commercial applications that require high-quality water. Treatment is necessary since well water usually contains high degrees of unwanted impurities such as suspended solids and turbidity. The larger concentration of suspended solids present results in a reduction in water quality. This outcome occurs in the form of turbidity which produces undesirable effects such as color alterations, smell, and taste issues in the water. Scaling can also result due to suspended solids and significantly hampers the performance of equipment and utilities utilized across industries. For these reasons, multimedia filtration systems are depended upon within applications that require high quality treated water. Media filtration has proven to be the most effective treatment method in regard to suspended solids reduction.


Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied a multi-media and activated carbon filtration package to a major company in the USA to remove chlorine and suspended solids from well water. The filtration package is composed of multimedia and activated carbon SS tanks, and Top mounted valves. The multi-media filter was selected from our MF-450 Series. 31F2070MM-SS uses a 20" diameter tank. The activated carbon filter was also selected from our MF-450 Series. 31F24100 AC uses a 24" diameter tank. Both were chosen to handle a flow rate of 31 GPM. Since its startup, the filtration package has been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting.



  • Extended filtration running durations
  • Greater filtration rates
  • The potential for water filtration to work with high turbidity and suspended matter



Multimedia Filters 31 GPM - USA - Case Study [/custom-documents]

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    We don't expect equipment scaling anymore

    Posted by Jaime A. on Jul 13th 2018

    Water quality conforms to equipment requirement now so we don't expect equipment scaling anymore.

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