Reverse Osmosis for Fluoride Removal 32,000 GPD - Djibouti

Product Description

Application: Fluoride Removal for Drinking Water

This reverse osmosis system is model #BW-32K-7340-3 from our RO-300 Series.

  • Codeline Pressure Vessels
  • Hydranautics ESPA1-4040
  • Epoxy Coated Skid
  • Grundfos High Pressure pump
  • Flow Meters
  • 5 Micron Filter Housing
  • Multi Media Filter using Fleck 3150 Control Valve
  • Activated carbon Filter using Fleck 3150 Control Valve
  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Compact Design
  • Save Chemicals
  • Save Energy
  • Safe for Drinking


Water Challenges: Beverage products necessitate definite water characteristics including TDS levels, pH balancing, taste, odor, and other clear-cut requirements to assemble high quality products with consistency in flavor. Pure Aqua water treatment systems are specially designed for the production of water that incorporate the characteristics which are specific to beverage’s needs. Recent challenges of high concentrations of contaminants such as fluoride in Djibouti, has engendered our team to manufacture systems that will treat the water by eliminating these unwanted substances.



Applied Solution: There are a few methods of water treatment to reduce fluoride. One common method is through Ion-exchange and the other method is with a reverse osmosis system. Our team of engineers recommended to use the reverse osmosis method as it is more economical and is considered to be one of the best available solutions to reduce the fluoride along with meeting many treated water quality requirements. Reverse osmosis systems are known to remove dissolved ions (salts) with a rejection of 96%+ depending on the membrane and specific ions while meeting the WHO guidelines for drinking water of 1.5 mg/l.



Low operating cost, compact size, reduced footprint, and high quality production of freshwater.




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    Clean Commercial BWRO Unit

    Posted by Brad. B. on May 19th 2019

    We used Pure Aqua Reverse Osmosis for Fluoride Removal

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