Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Equipment 32,000 GPD & 15,000 GPD - USA

Product Description

Application: Boiler Feed

This is model TW-15K-1040 from our RO-200 SeriesTW-32K-7340 from our RO-300 Series.

  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Municipal Tap Water RO Units
  • Each Designed To Produce 32,000 & 15,000 GPD Respectively
  • Microprocessor

The process of reverse osmosis deals with the use of a high pressure pump which applies extreme pressure to the high saline concentrated side of a semi-porous membrane, combatting a natural process called "Osmosis". Naturally, osmosis transports salt through a semi-porous membrane from a region with low saline concentration to a region with high saline concentration. Its goal is to gain an equal quantity of saline concentration on both sides of the membrane. With the use of the high pressure pump, reverse osmosis comes in to direct osmosis to the opposite direction. The pump applies high pressure to the highly concentrated saline side of the membrane, pushing salty water and other impurities across the membrane, only allowing water molecules to flow through. Salt and the impurities are rejected and later thrown into the drain on the concentrate side. In the end, we obtain purified water with 99% less dissolved salts on the permeate side of the membrane.


Water Challenges: Boiler feeds typically face the challenges of incorporating water that consists of hard substances, total dissolved solids, and microorganisms, which all work to reduce the performance of the boiler. Such effects are seen within reductions in heat transferring, increases in scale deposits and heat losses, which have an adverse effect on boiler productivity. Reverse osmosis is a water treatment solution that is designed to effectively improve boiler feed applications by enhancing conditions of the water, through the removal of these contaminants. Other benefits include, less maintenance and replacement costs due to damaging or efficiency issues of the boilers as a result of the poor quality water.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied commercial Reverse Osmosis Units to a major company in USA at 32,000 & 15,000 GPD. From its initial start-up, the machine has been working properly with minimal trouble-shooting. A quality reverse osmosis machine is designed to deliver high quality service by removing massive amounts of salt and other impurities from wells, lakes, rivers, and the ocean through a process called 'reverse osmosis".




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    They exceeded our expectation

    Posted by Pillaz M. on Jan 23rd 2020

    Pure Aqua RO and they were able to meet our expectations and able to tie-up the RO system in our existing BAS.

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