Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration Systems 120 m3/day & 94 m3/day - Saudi Arabia

Product Description

Multiple Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration Systems were produced for Irrigation/Potable use and shipped to Saudi Arabia. Specifically, the RO systems will be treating well water which will be used in the agricultural industry, while the nanofiltration systems will be used to treat city water and produce highly potable drinking water.

• Pre-chlorination Skid
• Recirculation/ Chemical Dosing Pumps
• Siemens PLC Control Panel
• Pure Aqua Pressure Gauges/ Flow Meter Instruments
• Pre/Post Skid Mounted Nanofiltration Systems
• Grundfos High Pressure Pumps
• Hydranautics ESNA-1-LF-LD-4040-Membranes
• Activated Carbon Filter using Fleck 3150 Control Valve
• Pure Aqua Antiscalant
• 5 Micron Filter Sizing
• Hydranautics ESPA2-LD Membranes
• Codeline Pressure vessels


Water Challenges: The impact of total dissolved solids (TDS) on flavor is the most critical component in determining the quality of drinking water. Drinkability of water with a TDS level of less than 600 mg/L is normally regarded acceptable. When TDS levels above 1200 mg/L, however, drinking water becomes undesirable.



Applied Solution: Generally speaking, reverse osmosis systems from Pure Aqua, Inc. deliver fantastic performance for well water treatment at low life-cycle costs, preserving more energy and improving efficiency. Our pre-engineered RO systems are designed and built with great quality parts designed specifically for the removal of unwanted impurities and the production of clean drinking water.



Lower upkeep costs and extremely high system and membrane durability. 


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    NF system

    Posted by Edgar A. on Dec 22nd 2021

    Terrific unit that performs very well

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