Textile Reuse Reverse Osmosis Equipment 600 m3/day

Product Description
This project included the production of a brackish water reverse osmosis system with a capacity of 600 m3/day. This system was sent to Mexico for a Textile water reuse application.
- Automatic Multimedia Filters
- ​Dechlorination & Antiscalant Dosing Systems
- Cleaning CIP System
- RO-500 Series w/Industrial Components
- SCH 80 PVC Low-Pressure Piping
- Pre & Post Pressure Gauges
- Stainless Steel 5 Micron Cartridge Filter
- ORP Controller to Protect Membranes
- SS316 Grundfos CRN High Pressure Pump
- CPA7-LD Hydranautics Membranes
- Electropolished SS316 L Piping
- Membrane Cleaning Skid
- Standard CS8 Cleaning System


Reusing textile waste water by reverse osmosis is an approach to minimize waste generation and natural resource use. Waste water from the textile industry, in particular, needs to be treated before it can be reused.



Our engineers here at Pure Aqua can provide tailor-made solutions that accommodate your budget and discharge requirements. The textile industry demands effective results in decreasing the color from dye and other finished activities in wastewater, which pushes us to deisgn first-rate reverse osmosis systems that can provide the quality water treatment required. 



  • Compact Design & Energy Efficiency
  • Long Service Intervals and Easy Maintenance
  • Longer Membrane Life


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    Posted by Mouhammad Faye on Jan 1st 2022

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