Water Reuse Reverse Osmosis System 50 GPM | California, USA

Product Description

Pure Aqua’s Reuse Reverse Osmosis Systems are capable of removing salts as well as other impurities such as bacteria, sugars, proteins, dyes and constituents that have a molecular weight greater than 150-250 Dalton. Pure Aqua supplies a full line of standard and customizable Reuse Reverse Osmosis systems, all of which are engineered using advanced 3D computer modeling and process design software for accurate and customized solutions.


• 2 stage RO system
• Feed Pump
• Siemens S7-1200
• Protec pressure vessels
• FEDCO high pressure pump
• Duplex SS Feed Pump
• Protec Pressure Vessels rated at 1000 PSI


Water Challenges: High concentrations of TDS in water leads to the reduction of effectiveness in membranes and hinders the usage of water that contains large amounts of TDS for reverse osmosis, in addition to many other economic issues. Reverse osmosis systems are some of the most efficient water treatment solutions for any type of water bodies that removes TDS level higher than the WHO limit.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures reuse reverse osmosis systems that deliver TDS from water and meet the WHO & EPA requirements. Generally speaking, RO Systems from Pure Aqua, Inc. supply high overall performance at low life-cycle costs, saving on energy and growing productivity. Our pre-designed and engineered systems are constructed with exceptional elements designed especially for water purification and the production of clean drinking water. 


  • Compact Design & Energy Efficiency
  • Long Service Intervals and Easy Maintenance
  • Longer Membrane Life


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    Posted by Ricardo Muella on Dec 21st 2021

    Terrific water reuse system that worked perfectly.

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