Seawater Treatment Plant 1.4 Million GPD - Peru

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The primary element of desalination is the Reverse Osmosis Process. It consists of a High pressure pump followed by an Energy Recovery turbine and the Reverse Osmosis TFC Membranes module. High pressure pump Before entering the seawater reverse osmosis membranes module, clean and filtered seawater is pressurized by the High Pressure Pump typically between 900 and 1000 PSI, depending on the temperature and the (TDS) salinity of the water. Energy Recovery Turbine The pressure drop over the RO membranes is about 15-20 PSI, depending on the number of membranes per pressure vessel, so the concentrate is still at a high pressure. This high pressure can be utilized and to reuse the energy from the concentrate flow. The concentrate is directed to the energy recovery turbine, where it directly transfers its energy to part of the system inlet water. Spiral Wound Seawater Reverse Osmosis membranes The most commonly used RO membranes used in reverse osmosis treatment plant are spiral wound Thin Film Composite (TFC). They consist of a flat sheet sealed like an envelope and spirally wound. 

Country: Peru

System/Products: Seawater Treatment Plant

Flow Rate: 1.4 Million GPD


Water-scarce countries such as Peru require a large amount of water distribution systems in order to supply their citizens with adequate amounts of freshwater.



Pure Aqua created preliminary engineering designs and layouts for a Seawater Treatment Plant in Peru. Feed water to the plant is seawater beach well. This Seawater Treatment Plant came complete with an advanced PLC, cleaning and flushing systems, coagulant, pre & post de-chlorination, and anti-scalant dosing systems. The plant design was based on high rejection TFC Spiral wound low fouling membranes. The plant will produce 1.4 million gallons per day of drinking water at a maximum 45,000 PPM feed water TDS.



  • Advanced PLC
  • Cleaning and flushing system
  • coagulant
  • Pre and post de chlorination
  • Antiscalant dosing
  • TFC sprical wound membranes




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    Great system

    Posted by Ion M. on Apr 20th 2020

    This is a great system when it comes to the filter operating to its full capacity.

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