Skid Mounted RO Unit 9000 GPD - USA

Product Description

Skid mounted reverse osmosis machines are machines that are designed to treat and generate potable water from wells, lakes, rivers, and even the sea. With the assistance of reverse osmosis, these machines have the power of removing massive amounts of salt, organics, and contaminants found in water. Reverse osmosis is a technology which begins by adding extreme pressure to the highly concentrated saline side of a partially-porous membrane through the use of a high pressure pump. Excessive pressure is added in order to move highly concentrated salty water across a partially-porous membrane, permitting only water molecules to flow through the small pores while salt, organics, and other contaminants are stopped and later thrown into the drain from the concentrate side. Clean, potable water finally emerges out on the permeate side and is ready to be collected. 

Date: June 2010

Country: United States

System/Products: Skid Mounted Commercrial Reverse Osmosis Unit

Components & Brands:
- Microprocessor control panel
- Pre and Post treatments
- Skid mounted 


Estuaries and river openings are places where brackish water can be found. This type of water lies in between fresh water and seawater. It’s not as clean as fresh water, yet not so highly concentrated in salt as seawater. Even if it has a mild salt concentration, it is still not encouraged for consumption.



This Skid mounted commercial RO unit  to a major water treatment company in NJ, USA using microprocessor control panel with Pre & Post treatment all on one skid. 



  • Minimal civil work and construction
  • Small footprint
  • Plug and play installation
  • High-quality components (Grundfos pumps, DOW Filmtec membranes, Codeline vessels, Pure Aqua microprocessor control panel)
  • High recovery design
  • High rejection membranes
  • Low energy and chemical consumption




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    Posted by Madi D. on Jul 8th 2018

    good product

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