Skid Mounted Water Filter 311,040 GPD - Jordan

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Application: Hotel Water Treatment

These systems are models ACF63-A-F & MLF-48A-F-50Hz from our MF-600 Series.

Silica Sand is graded specifically for water filtration plants. It can be used in municipal, industrial or residential applications for sediment filtration. Silica Sand occurs naturally and exhibits outstanding chemical properties such as a high silica content, low soluble calcium, magnesium, and iron compounds which suit industry standards. It has been utilized both nationally and internationally because of its high quality, preferred chemical properties, color, and wide range of precision sizing.

Anthracite is a black, shiny coal that has a unique density that permits it to be used in multimedia filters. It is employed as a filter medium to eliminate the extra silica and light weight turbidity found in water. Since the ancient times, anthracite has been utilized for water treatment because of its large carbon content and small volatile matter.

Activated Carbon is used to remove odor, chlorine, and color from water as well as controlling the taste. It removes basic impurities such as debris from water to questionable contaminants such as viruses and soluble gases. Activated carbon easily removes particles that are greater than 0.5 microns.

Gravel is usually the first stage of particulate filtration. Its spherical shape allows the incoming water flow to be equally distributed over the entire filtration bed. Whether the water flow is coming into a small section or not, it will still stretch throughout the gravel into numerous spreadable areas within the gravel bed. Gravel will only allow particles that are smaller than its gaps to flow through and carry on to the next stage of particulate filtration. The larger particles that didn’t pass through are stripped out and left either above or within the gravel until they are broken down enough to be able to flow through the gaps or removed completely during occasional flushings or additional types of cleaning. Gravel comes in three grades: coarse, medium, and fine and must be loaded into the tanks in that same order.

Multi-media filters are manufactured to get rid of suspended particles from water and mainly serve feed water that has a turbidity of up to 20 NTU. In the filtration process, tiny particles progress down to smaller and finer media levels. The gaps within these media catch particles down to 10 microns. The larger particulates that didn’t pass through are caught on top of the filtration bed. Multi-media filters are usually backwashed when there is an increase in pressure differential to approximately 10-12 PSI or when a timer begins. When a backwash is in progress, water is guided upward through the filter at approximately 12-15 gpm/ft² for about ten minutes, raising the media. This also cleans and separates the dirt particles which are discharged into the backwash water then to the drain. Activated carbon filtration systems utilize carbon because it has a little electro-positive charge added to it, which draws attention to chemicals and impurities. When water flows over the positively charged carbon surface, the contaminants negative ions are pulled toward the surface of the carbon granules. Activated carbon water filters are utilized before water is run through a reverse osmosis unit to remove impurities, odors, and colors. The amount of carbon in the unit and the length of time the contaminants stay in contact with the carbon are the two most significant factors affecting the efficiency of activated carbon filtration. The more carbon applied, the more contaminants are eliminated.


Water Challenges: The hotel & resorts industry rely heavily on the supply of food and beverages from manufacturing industry, which in turn depend on high quality water to produce these goods. Basic necessities at hotels such as clean and hygienic environment, clean water, quality food, and guest satisfaction and recreation are all services that require sufficient water. For this reason, water treatment is needed to provide greater quantities of freshwater from natural water sources that contain high levels of contaminants. Without treatment such as water filtration, there will be no hope to supply enough water that these industries need.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied Skid Mounted Water Filtration Equipment including Multimedia filter and Activated carbon filter, complete with PLC controller and differential pressure switch. End user is Hilton Hotel, Jordan. The equipment was designed to produce 311,040 GPD.

Since its startup, the filtration package has been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting. For satisfactory results, the package utilized the following grades of media: Silica Sand, Anthracite, Activated Carbon, and Gravel.



  • Activated Carbon filter
  • Multimedia filter
  • Prechlorination
  • PLC controller
  • Differential pressure switch
  • Backwash



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    Great system.

    Posted by Sklilvys F. on Jul 30th 2016

    Pure Aqua provided us with system complete with water filters. Great system.

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