Steel Media Filtration Units 300,000 GPD - Qatar

Product Description

Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied a series of steel filtration equipment for a major water company in Qatar for the Grand Mosque project.

Country: Qatar

System/Product: Steel Media


Water Challenges: Well water is one of several water sources that is treated for use in various industrial and commercial applications that require high-quality water. Treatment is necessary since well water usually contains high degrees of unwanted impurities such as suspended solids and turbidity. The larger concentration of suspended solids present results in a reduction in water quality. This outcome occurs in the form of turbidity which produces undesirable effects such as color alterations, smell, and taste issues in the water. Scaling can also result due to suspended solids and significantly hampers the performance of equipment and utilities utilized across industries. For these reasons, multimedia filtration systems are depended upon within applications that require high quality treated water. Media filtration has proven to be the most effective treatment method in regard to suspended solids reduction.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures and designs advanced carbon steel multimedia filtration systems for the purposes of reducing suspended solids TSS and turbidity in well water. Two multimedia filtration systems were designed for a major company in Kuwait. The system was tailor-made for this exact application and delivered recently. Each system has a media filtration tank, each filled with anthracite, gravel, and sand. The overall system has a flow rate of approximately one hundred gallons per minute. The features on these systems allow for a much larger constant flow of clean water than a typical duplex media filtration system.



  • Extended filtration running durations
  • Greater filtration rates
  • The potential for water filtration to work with high turbidity and suspended matter




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    SWRO skid is very sturdy and compact size

    Posted by Paco M. on Jul 30th 2016

    MF system is very sturdy and compact size compared to other brands that we have seen.

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