Steel Tank Softener and Filtration Systems 80 GPM - Sri Lanka

Product Description

Application: RO Pretreatment

This is model MLF-30A, ACF-30A, WS42-900-2 from our MF-100 & SF-100 Series.

  • Multi-Media Filtration
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Twin-Alternating Softener


Water Challenges: RO pretreatment required the removal of all impurities that compromise the reverse osmosis system to perform at full capacity. This includes reducing any water hardness that is present in the feed water, and also eradication all suspended solids as well. Water softeners are utilized for removing water hardness causing ions such as calcium, and magnesium.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua designs and manufactures water treatment systems for global needs. A recent project saw the shipping of a steel tank softener and a pair of steel tank filters for a major company in Sri Lanka. The three together have a combined flow rate of eighty gallons per minute. The systems include a multimedia filter, an activated carbon filter, and a twin-alternating softener. All three systems were manufactured from epoxy coated steel tanks that can handle a pressure of 100 psi.


Media filters are the most preferred filtration method to reduce the suspended solids to lower SDI (less than 3) according to the reverse osmosis membranes manufacturer.



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    High quality!

    Posted by Mike H. on Nov 12th 2019

    I will recommend this company for anybody who is looking for media filters

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