SWRO System 6000 GPD - USA

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Osmosis naturally moves salt through a semi permeable membrane from a region with low saline concentration to a region with high saline concentration in order to achieve an equal quantity of saline concentration on both sides. To put a stop to this natural process, a technology called “reverse osmosis” is utilized to direct osmosis in the opposite direction. Before reverse osmosis is applied, seawater is moved through various pre-filters to remove particles and solids from the water. Then the water is guided into a water softener tank, removing the hardness, which can cause the membranes within the system to damage. After going through the water softener tank, the water goes into the actual SWRO system where it goes through semi-permeable membranes to take out particles that the pre-filters didn’t catch. The membranes only allow water molecules to go through while blocking salts, organics, and other impurities from passing on. At the end, purified water comes on the permeate side while salt, organics, and other impurities are dumped into a drain from the concentrate side.

Pure Aqua, Inc. seawater RO systems are designed and built to operate under high or low TDS conditions. The built-in (VFD) Variable Frequency Drive allows adjustments for increasing or lowering the operation pressure according to feed water TDS and temperature. The VFD feature combined with the optional Energy Recovery System adds great improvements to system efficiency and lowers electrical consumption. These are important features to have in any seawater desalination SWRO system for today’s high energy cost globe. To decrease antiscalant consumption dosing PA0100, the Pure Aqua SWRO system uses low recovery ratio design. This simplifies the chemical storage logistics and decreases the cost of chemicals. This design also uses low flux rate design (GFD) to guarantee long membrane productivity life. 

Date: August 2011

Country: United States

System/Product: Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System

Flow Rate: 6,000 GPD

Components & Brands:
- SWRO system (SWC series)


Water-stressed countries such as United States require a large amount of water distribution systems in order to supply industries with adequate amounts of freshwater.



This Sea Water Reverse Osmosis system was supplied to a major company in NC, USA. A SWRO system is designed and built to eliminate large quantities of salt and other impurities from water sources that are considered highly non-consumable like the sea. A high pressure pump is utilized to go against the osmotic pressure of a natural process called "Osmosis".



  • We have drinking water which is available
  • We help in the conservation of habitats
  • We have water for the agricultural sector
  • Helps preserve current freshwater supplies
  • Positive environmental effects
  • Proven and effective methods




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    Consistent quality.

    Posted by Jose A. on Dec 4th 2016

    These guys are really doing great products. Consistent quality.

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