Tap Water Media Filtration System 125,000 GPD - Mexico

Product Description

Application: Tap Water Filtration System

These are models 31F36210MM (From our MF-400 Series), 31F36210AC (From our MF-400 Series) & 29F36600T (From our SF-200F Series)

  • 36" Multimedia filter (MF-400)
  • 36" Activated Carbon (MF-400)
  • 36" Water Softener (SF-200F)
  • 3150 Fleck Valves
  • 2900 Fleck Valves


Water Challenges: While tap water is consumed by a certain population around the world that have no other available options, it is still not a preferred choice as drinking water. Much of this is due to higher than ideal concentrations of minerals in tap water in certain parts of the world, which reduces the quality of water and produces poor taste, smell, and color in the water.



Applied Solution: This Water Filtration system was designed to clean water for a company in Mexico, using Pure Aqua, Inc.’s Media Filtration Unit MF-400, and Softener SF-200F series. The system is composed of three 36” FRP multimedia filters with top mounted 3150 Fleck Valves, which are meant to remove any suspended solids and particulates in the water as well as turbidity. The 36” FRP Activated carbon filters and Water Softener with their corresponding 2900 Fleck Valves, are meant to remove any bad odors, tastes, color in the water as well as any iron or manganese.



In order to remove unpleasant impurities such as suspended solids, sediments, and particles from the water, our team delivers advanced water media filtration systems that are designed to produce fresh drinking water.




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    Great compact design

    Posted by Damazio C. on Feb 19th 2020

    The compact design is great. We inspected the product before it got shipped out to us and their engineers walked us up through the process. Running great so far and produces low TDS water

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