Water Filtration System 138,240 GPD - Iraq

Product Description

Application: Well Water

 This is model 29F30450T/29F21210T from our SF-200 Series & MLF42-A-F/ACF-42-A-F from our MF-600 Series.


Water Challenges: This project saw the challenge of removing high amounts of particles, sediments, and organics from well water for the purposes of reducing water hardness. Hard water creates problems of scaling, which is extremely hazardous to the equipment and tools in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. The outcome of scaling is usually an overall reduction in plant performance and an increase in maintenance and replacement fees. The effects that hardness has on the actual water is an arise of bad odor, taste and appearance of the water, such as a cloudy/murky color. To combat this issue, major companies in Jordan are requiring the usage of media filtration, water softeners, and activated carbon filtration to prevent these problems from occurring in the well water of which they depend on for their plants.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied complete filtration system to a major company in Iraq, including twin water softeners, carbon filters and Multi media filters. These treatment systems are designed to filter out water hardness creating substances from the water in order to produce fresh, clean water. Applicable to various applications from industrial, commercial, and residential. 



  • Twin water softener
  • Carbon filter
  • Multi media filters
  • 42" diameter FRP tanks
  • Capacity: 138,240 GPD



Water Filtration System 138,240 GPD - Iraq - Case Study [/custom-documents]

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    High efficiency

    Posted by Bunny R. on Mar 13th 2019

    Simple to operate, doesn't need much of maintenance. Thumbs-up!

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