Twin Alternating Industrial Multi Media Filters 2 x 385 GPM - USA

Product Description

Application: Industrial use Lake Water Filtration System Achieved High TSS Reduction Twin Alternating Industrial Multi Media Filters

This is model #MLF84-A-T  from our MF-1000 Series

  • NSF Epoxy Coated Interior Steel Tanks
  • Manway Top Loading Port
  • Schedule 80 PVC Face Piping
  • Electrically Actuated Butterfly Valves
  • Differential Pressure Initiation for Backwash
  • PLC Controller with NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Vacuum Breakers
  • Flanged Piping Connection
  • Inlet/outlet Sample Valves


Water Challenges: The challenges of this project stems from the elevated TSS levels in water needed for industrial use. This application requires our industrial multimedia filters for the removal of suspended solids that decrease the quality of the water. This in turn affects the performance of industrial plants, since lower quality water leads to a reduction in the production process for the creation of products, or cooling equipment utilized in constructing their products.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures cutting-edge multimedia filters to supply industrial applications with abundant freshwater for industrial use. Our high-quality water filtration will do the job in removing the presence of unwanted substances and sediments. The Pure Aqua team creates media filters that are ruggedly built, and developed to supply industries with ease-of-use, simple installation, low margin of error, and fantastic quality filtration to completely eliminate particles from disrupting the manufacturing process. The system included all automatic valves and control panel to perform a fully automatic backwash cycle.



Providing media filtration that targets and removes suspended solids also improves the performance of other water treatment processes, by preventing these sediments and particles from clogging the post equipment.




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    Everything was a positive experience

    Posted by Jessica N. on Jan 11th 2018

    Everything was a positive experience when we purchased this Media Filtration System for our process applications.

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