Ultra Filtration Systems 3 x 20 GPM - Philippines

Product Description

Application: Municipal Water Treatment

Recommended Systems would be our:

Industrial Ultrafiltration System UF Series

  • Dow UF Modules SFD-2860
  • Turbidity Monitor
  • Oil-Free Air Compressors
  • Chemically Enhanced Backwash Systems
  • CIP Skid
  • PLC Controller
  • Automatic Filter Screen


Water Challenges: Ultrafiltration systems have been brought in the Philippines to treat municipal water that contains elevated levels of particles and suspended solids. Cities utilize water that is extracted from sources such as rivers, lakes, dams, and surface water, which all contain high levels of sediments and particles. Before distributing the water to industrial facilities throughout the city, it must be treated in order to remove these unwanted impurities from the product water. This process is required since suspended solids have the potential to produce scaling which causes underperformance within industrial plants and equipment malfunctioning. Additionally, the cost of system and machinery maintenance and replacement is needed as they deteriorate as a result of scaling. Ultrafiltration provides a remedy to these challenges, as these systems are designed to purify water that possesses higher than suitable degrees of particles and suspended solids.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactured and delivered three ultrafiltration systems for the purposes of providing municipal water treatment for US buildings in the Philippines. These systems are incorporated with enhancements such as chemically enhanced backwash systems, and oil-free air compressors. These features are designed to provide ease-of-use, long-term usability, and maximum efficiency in the removal of suspended solids and particles from municipal water.


  • Superior filtration performance with high flux
  • Very small nominal pore diameter (0.03 µm)
  • Efficiently gets rid of bacteria and viruses
  • Periodically back washed and air scoured to enhance overall performance and casting off the fouling layer to extend working life
  • Low fouling membrane modules
  • UF Outside-In or Inside-Out Configuration lets in reduced plugging and greater solids loading
  • Basic, vertical, modular plan approves low cost, compact systems
  • Effective membrane cleaning has a high chemical resistance and temperature tolerance



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    High capacity at a reasonable price!!

    Posted by Jared B. on May 3rd 2019

    High capacity Ultra Filtration Systems at a reasonable price!!

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