Agricultural Nanofiltration System 27,000 GPD - USA

Product Description

Application: Irrigation

This nanofiltration system is model # NF-27K-6340 from our NF Series.

  • Powder Coated Carbon Steel Frame
  • 4" x 40" TFC Spiral Wound Membranes
  • Stainless Steel Multi-Stage pump with TEFC motor
  • FRP membrane housing
  • 5-micron cartridge pre-filter
  • LCD Screen interface
  • Motor starter
  • NEMA 12 Controller enclosure
  • Low Pressure switch
  • High Pressure switch
  • Liquid-filled gauges
  • Permeate conductivity monitor
  • Permeate and concentrate flow meters
  • Factory Tested for Reliability and Designed to Work Seamlessly
  • Compact Design & Energy Efficiency
  • Long Service Intervals and Easy Maintenance
  • Longer Membrane Life


Water Challenges: Water hardness is detrimental to the physical qualities and overall growth in crops which can lead to the eventual death of certain plants. Hardness in water consists of salts such as manganese and calcium or heavy metals that can directly harm the roots, and intrude with nutrient and water uptake. Furthermore, salts can build up within plant leaf margins and produce burnings around the edges. Scale buildup can also lead to clogging issues in regards to irrigation system by disrupting the nozzles and fittings performance in transferring sufficient amounts of water to plants. Water quality must be examined to ensure it is suitable for plant growth and to decrease the threat of discharging contaminants to surface or groundwater.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua has manufactured hundreds of systems for irrigation purposes that purify millions of gallons of water every day. These systems are suited for the irrigation industry through the addition of important features such as being factory tested for reliability, designed to work seamlessly, long service intervals, easy maintenance, and longer membrane life. Our systems can handle any kind of contamination or fouling, and we will be happy to custom design a system to meet your specific output and purification requirements.


These systems are manufactured and designed to significantly improve uptime and reduce process water upkeep requirements for various industries.



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    The water quality has greatly improved

    Posted by W. N. on Apr 19th 2020

    I believe the auto blow rate went from 20% to 2%. We haven't experienced any carryover anymore. I know their chemical usage dropped but not exactly sure by how much. My guess they are using about 60% of what they used to use. Currently, they have low production so the energy usage has dropped overall but the customer did say they have experienced energy savings. In terms of Miura, the water quality has greatly improved and we are able to control the parameters a lot better to ensure PV protection.

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