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Fresh and potable drinking water is an essential element of life needed to attain a healthy and love livelihood. Humans rely on the consumption of water everyday in great quantity in order for our bodies to continue functioning and developing. However, it is vital for the water we ingest to be clean and free of unwanted substances such as bromate that can lead to health complications. Fortunately, Pure Aqua provides various water treatment systems that can assist you in removing harmful contaminants found in water.

Bromate arises when ozonation is utilized to treat contaminated water that consists of bromine naturally existing in the source water. Such characteristics found in contaminated water include, pH of the feed water, bromide ion concentration, degree of ozone and reaction time, influence the formation of bromate. The symptoms of bromate poisoning can comprise of vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, nerve and kidney issues. It must be noted that these symptoms usually involve the consumption of water that has over a thousand times more bromate than normal drinking water. Additionally, exposure to very high levels of bromate can lead to the acquisition of hearing loss and nervous system effects.


How to Remove Bromate from Drinking Water?

There is great difficulty in removing bromate from drinking water, which makes it more suitable to prevent its presence in the feed water altogether. This can be accomplished by utilizing chlorine gas, clean hypochlorite with low bromate content and foregoing the usage of ozonation which contains bromide. While it is possible to remove bromide content from the water, prior to utilizing ozonation, this can be very expensive.

Useful water treatment solutions include activated carbon filtration, anion exchange, and reverse osmosis systems. Using ammonia and the right activated carbon filtration are commonly recommended water treatment solutions, however each of these methods have their own drawbacks.

Reverse osmosis systems are considered the most effective technology available for the removal of bromate and other disinfection byproducts. Reverse osmosis systems with activated carbon filtration are capable of eradicating more than 96% of bromate-related pollutants in water.

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