Containerized Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant for Cement Manufacturing 380,000 – Iraq

Product Description

Overview: This industrial reverse osmosis plant was containerized and designed to reduce TDS from well water for a Cement Manufacturer in Iraq.

Industry: Cement Manufacturer

This plant includes a Multi-Media Filter (model #MLF84-A from our MF-1000 Series) and an Industrial Reverse Osmosis System (model #TW-380K-8680 from our RO-500 Series).

  • Compact design to fit all equipment in 40’ HC container
  • MCP-S7-1200, Main control panel, Siemens PLC (S7-1200) + HMI (10" color screen)
  • GF Signet instruments including paddle wheel flow meters, conductivity sensor, & ORP sensor


Water Concern: Cement production requires water as the key binding ingredient through the process of hydration. The water to cement ratio is crucial to determining the success of the cement by producing strong and durable consistency. However, due to the binding role water plays, it must be in its most purified form to prevent other chemical reactions from taking place. If the water contains enough amount of a particular contaminant, the essential binding effect would be mitigated by the potential reaction between certain contaminants and the cement ingredients.



Applied Solution: An industrial reverse osmosis plant was recommended to purify well water for cement manufacturing. The complete purification process consists of six steps. The first is the pre-chlorination unit designed to decrease bio-fouling potential of the following systems. Secondly, a coagulant is provided to reduce the organic and colloidal fouling components in the water. Then, a feed pump pressurizes the water into a multi-media filter which removes the turbidity along with suspended solids of the water. Next, a dechlorination system is required in addition to antiscalant dosing to prepare the water and prevent it from scaling the RO membranes. Finally, the water passes through the RO system to produce 380,000 GPD of ultimately purified water. This industrial RO plant was specially containerized to provide a fully mobilized system.



Low operating cost, compact size, reduced footprint, and high quality production of freshwater.

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    This system is a highly efficient

    Posted by Briggittee E. on Aug 5th 2019

    This system is a unmatched in performance. It's been producing fresh water from sea water feed and provides safe a great tasting drinking water here in our community.

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