Duplex Multimedia Filter 2 x 50 GPM - Puerto Rico

Product Description

Application: Water Features (Fountains)

This is model 31F30150MM-D (From our MF-400 Series) & 29F21210T (From our SF-200 Series)

  • Multi-Media Filter
  • Two Media Tanks
  • Twin-Alternating Softener
  • Flow Rate Of 50 GPM Each
  • Duplex System
  • Automatic Backwash


Water Challenges: Fountains depend on fresh, clean water to produce much more aesthetically pleasing water within the sculptures. The texture of the water is made poorer when there is the existence of suspended solids, particles, and sediments, which usually reside at the bottom of the water body. These substances occur in high concentrations, and result in a cloudy or muddy appearance.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua designs and manufactures water treatment systems to eliminate poor quality producing water substances, such as suspended solids, sediments, and particles. A duplex multimedia filter was completed for a major company in Puerto Rico. Each of the tanks in the duplex system has a flow rate of fifty gallons per minute, giving a combined total of one hundred gallons per minute when both are operating. In a duplex system, both tanks have the ability to operate simultaneously until one needs to backwash.


The most effective method of purifying these unwanted impurities is to utilize water treatment solutions such as multi-media filters that are designed to target and eliminate these substances.



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    Great system

    Posted by Karen M. on Apr 10th 2020

    I will recommend this company for anybody who is looking for media filtration systems.

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