Seawater Multimedia Filters 2 x 50 GPM - Mexico

Product Description

Application: SWRO Pretreatment

This is model MLF-48A-F from our MF-600 Series.

  • Two Multi-Media Filters
  • Rate of Each - 50 GPM
  • Automatic Backwash
  • Digital Stager
  • Differential Pressure Switch and Gauge


Water Challenges: Pretreatment is required to filter out all harmful foulants that can reduce the effectiveness of the reverse osmosis systems used to purify seawater. These foulants consist of suspended solids, small particles, algae, sand, etc. These substances are prone to clog the RO membranes, which increases the amount of energy needed to use and shortens the lifespan of the reverse osmosis system.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua makes customized water treatment systems for global water solutions. A pair of seawater multimedia filters were completed for a major company in Mexico. These identical systems filter open seawater at a rate of approximately fifty gallons per minute each. They were pretreated by a chlorine and sodium bisulfite injection prior to filtration.



The need for treatment is even greater for countries such as Mexico, that are alongside the Gulf area, where the seawater has much higher concentrations of foulants such as organic, inorganic, algae, and other unwanted substances.




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    High efficiency

    Posted by Mason. S. on Nov 19th 2019

    Simple to operate, doesn't need much of maintenance. Thumbs-up!

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