Multimedia Filter Systems 1 x 500, 1 x 400 GPM - Iraq

Product Description

Application: Stormwater

These are models MLF-66, MLF-84 from our MF-1000 Series &  SUV-251, SUV-335 from our UVI Series.

  • Multi-Media Filters
  • Epoxt Coated Steel Tanks
  • Rate of 400 & 500 GPM
  • Anthracite Top Media
  • Sand Filtration Bed
  • Gravel Base
  • PLC Control Panel w/ HMI
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems


Water Challenges: Stormwater runoff challenges consist of managing this source of water for the preservation of quality water in a world where freshwater bodies are increasingly becoming less available. The management of stormwater is also important due to the propensity of stormwater becoming a major source of water pollution as well. This contamination occurs because of human waste disposal such as trash, dirt, and oil mixing with stormwater runoff, which causes public health issues, expensive regulatory requirements, polluted floodings, and the loss of natural resources.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua designs media filtration and water treatment systems for specific applications such as stormwater treatment, including many other water treatment needs. A pair of multimedia filter systems were completed for a major company in Iraq. One of these systems has a flow rate of five hundred gallons per minute, and the other has a flow rate of four hundred gallons per minute. Each of these multimedia systems is filled with sand, anthracite, and gravel, which are best for general filtration of more common contaminants.



Our media filtration system assist clients in the sustainability of stormwater treatment that help improve water quality throughout communities, and the opportunity of reusing treated water for other applications, including returning back to the ocean to enhance aquatic life.



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    Good Filtration System

    Posted by Mike M. on Apr 14th 2020

    For my NSF certification this product has been doing good. No rejection for water quality.

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