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Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a chemical element created by the bacterial dissolvement of organic substances in the deficiency of oxygen. H2S generally exists in petroleum refineries, oil sites, and throughout pipelines which carry natural gas and crude oil. Factors such as quality, depth, and the location of the oil well determines the concentration of H2S. Humans are vulnerable to the effects of hydrogen sulfide, and the chemical is prone to exploding and corroding equipment and metal it touches.

The oil and gas industry goes to extreme measures to provide the safety needed at oil sites, including looking for additional ways to reduce H2S throughout the various phases of oil production. The fact that hydrogen sulfide is one of the most difficult components to handle in water sources makes this task even more strenuous. There is little chance in producing drinking water that is completely free of taste and odor while hydrogen sulfide resides in the raw water is moderate to high concentrations. Consistent surveillance and monitoring is needed during the treatment process and throughout the distribution and consumer hot water systems. 


Pure Aqua H2S Reduction: Features & Benefits

Pure Aqua manufactures hydrogen sulfide treatment and odor control products that include a comprehensive audit, engineering and operational recommendations, and the following features and benefits:

  • Management of sulfides and unwanted odors
  • Prevent the build-up of sludge in the systems being treated
  • Elimination of unpleasant and unsafe work environment associated with hydrogen sulfide
  • Improvements on environmental water treatment friendliness
  • Reduces the cost of equipment maintenance due to hydrogen sulfide-related corrosion
  • Technical and engineering assistance is accessible for recommendations on correct chemical solutions for maximum performance and efficiency

Pure Aqua water treatment technology is highly productive in regards to rapid and efficient H2S reduction. Water treatment systems which incorporate greensand filters are capable of eliminating up to 10 ppm hydrogen sulfide, including unwanted manganese and iron from the water. Greensand filter media utilize unique coatings of manganese oxide that converts hydrogen sulfide to hard sulfur substances, which are then removed. When the effectiveness of the greensand filter is decreased (reduced manganese oxide coating), the filter medium is restored or recoated with oxidizing chemicals solution to replenish the oxidizing volume.

Stripping degasifiers to strip H2S for RO, DI exchanger or softening application. The forced aeration of water will obtain oxidized matter from the fluid and remove gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

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